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Flowing Waters Tai Chi has a mission to provide the ideal, well rounded exercise program for its students of all ages in Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Qi Gong) and energy movement. Classes are designed to help students improve muscular strength, flexibility, fitness and health. Classes are also designed to teach students valuable awareness and self defense skills.

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Chinese Characters meaning Flowing Waters Tai Chi

The Essence of Flowing Waters Tai Chi

Liù = flowing
Shûi = waters
Tài = tai
Jì = chi

Shih-t'ao, a famous artist-monk born during the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644), presented the action of water as a model for the human spirit. Among water's many qualities, its virtue lies in the fact that it reaches out in rivers and lakes, spreading its benefits. It shows its strength in crashing waves. It is clean and pure in essence, this being its goodness. It flows by its own law, swirling and finding its level with no motive or effort whatsoever. Like water, truly virtuous people simply follow their own true nature and do what they do for its own sake.

The word Flowing represents the fluid, gentle progression of one movement into another in both the Tai Chi form and Chi Kung (energy and breathing exercise). The word Waters represents the gentle power of the movements in Tai Chi, as in the deceptive way a river created the Grand Canyon.

Tai Chi is the Chinese word meaning "grand ultimate" and represents the Chinese belief that Tai Chi is the most refined and the best form of exercise for both health and self defense. The goal of Tai Chi is to achieve balance in all aspects of life.

Flowing Waters Tai Chi offers morning and afternoon classes in Rancho Bernardo and at other locations throughout San Diego County. Private lessons, semi-private lessons, workshops and retreats are also available.

Time Magazine's August 5, 2002 issue by Christine Gorman called Tai Chi the "perfect exercise". Read the article.

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